MICC Sheath types UNS Ref. DIN Ref.
310 S31000 1.4841
310S S31008 1.4845

25% Cr-20% Ni stainless steel. Strong and resistive to oxidation up to about 1100 °C otherwise similar to 304L. Essentially a high temperature material but not specified for wet conditions.

As 310 but with lower carbon content. Not subject to weld decay

Type 310 finds primary utilization in applications requiring excellent heat and oxidation resistance and where superior strength is a must. Common applications are found in the aircraft industry for engine parts and parts requiring welding, oil refinery equipment, heat exchangers and furnace parts, etc.

Corrosion Resistance
This grade possesses excellent corrosion resistance and withstands scaling at temperatures up to 1093° C. Its corrosion resistance reaches a maximum in the annealed condition.