Temperature Sensing

Senseris offers solutions for most temperature sensing needs including Thermocouple Protection Tubes and Insulators for Thermocouples, Thermistors and RTD’s as well as Sight Tubes. These tubes are normally used in but not limited to the semiconductor, aerospace, steel, glass, aluminum and investment casting industries. We have access to a large stock of available standard tubes, or can engineer products for your specific applications and uses.

Product Description Materials
Thermocouple Protection Tubes Outer T/C protection sheaths (Closed One End) Alumina 99.8, Mullite, Sialon, Zirconia
Insulators for Thermocouples, Thermistors, and RTD’s Single or Multi-bore tubing used to insulate wires Alumina 99 & 99.8, Mullite
Sight Tubes Optical Pyrometer sight ports or Thermocouple parts with or without collars Alumina 99.8, Mullite

Furnace tubes

Senseris is a preferred vendor for ceramic furnace accessories. We provide Process Tubes and Furnace Liners made from Alumina 998 and Mullite. For aluminum or zinc foundry applications where Sialon is needed, please visit our Sialon Page.

Product Description Materials
Process Tubes Tubes (Open Both Ends and Closed One End)which provide atmosphere control in the furnace chamber. Alumina 99.8, Mullite
Furnace Liners Tubes (Open Both Ends) used as outer liner for Quartz tubes in diffusion furnaces providing support, purity, and temperature stability. Alumina 99.8, Mullit

Instrument systems

Senseris offers solutions for most instrument systems. We specialize in Zirconia O2 and CO2 sensors used in glass processing and heat treating industries. Also available, sample gas injectors and instrument protection sheaths made from Zirconia, Alumina 998 and Mullite. We have access to a large stock of available standard tubes, or can engineer products for your specific applications and uses.

Products Description Materials
Oxygen and Carbon Sensors For the analysis of combustion gases and controlling processes Zirconia
Sample Gas Injectors Single and multi-bore tubing used to direct or withdraw sample gases Alumina 99 & 99.8, Mullite
Instrument Protection Sheaths Tubes (Open Both Ends) to shield and protect sensitive instruments from harsh environments Alumina 99.8, Mullite


We have a range of products for the non-ferrous metal applications industry as well. Our products for this industry are made with Alumina 998 as well as Mullite and include fixtures, pins, shrouds and purge tubes.

Product Description Materials
Fixtures, Pins, and Shrouds Welding and Brazing operations and Investment Casting Alumia 99.8, Mullite, Sialon
Argon Purging Tubes Multibore tubes used in primary steel making Alumina 99.8

 Corona tubes

Our Corona Tube line of products can accommodate up to 4 meters in length in various shapes including squares, rectangles, rounds and other shapes as needed. We have the capability to manufacture these tubes to fit your specific applications.

Product Description Materials
Corona Treatment Tubes Tubes used in the surface treatment of plastics, paper and film to improve adhesion of coatings, adhesives or inks. Alumia 99.8

Specialty tubes

Senseris can also offer high performance specialty tubes to help our customers improve their operational efficiency. Our capabilities allow us to offer unique tubes made from Sialon, Alumina, Zirconia or Mullite with special bore quantities and configurations, tapers or threading. For over 90 years, our partner has provided industry leading solutions to an ever changing marketplace by utilizing our extensive industry experience and world renowned Research and Development laboratory.

Our goal is to be your engineered ceramics solutions provider. If your application requires a custom ceramic component, we would like to partner with you.