Sialon ST from McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies is a ceramic alloy which is iso-structural with beta silicon nitride and contains aluminum and oxygen in solid solution. Consequently, it exhibits a very desirable combination of the properties of both silicon nitride (high strength, hardness, fracture toughness, and thermal shock resistance) and alumina (refractoriness, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance).

Traditional refractory products are used in high temperature applications where one or two of the following requirements are satisfied: corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation. Our Sialon combines high levels of each of these properties in a single material.

Our ST thermocouple sheaths (TCS) are used extensively for continuous temperature measurement in non-ferrous metals. In molten aluminum and aluminum alloys, Sialon ST is thermal shock resistant, non-wetting, does not contaminate the melt, provides for continuous, reliable temperature measurement and is resistant to degradation even in aggressive aluminum lithium alloys. The excellent corrosion resistance of Sialon ST allows the use of thinner walls, thereby providing faster response time and improved accuracy. TCS tubes are commercially available from stock in four standard diameters with plain or grooved ends. Custom engineered sizes and configurations are available on request.

Grades Typical Uses
Sialon ST Sialon ST is uniquely qualified for use in molten non-ferrous metal applications (e.g. zinc, aluminum, copper, and gold), corrosive chemicals, and abrasive fluids at temperatures exceeding 1000ºC. It is gas tight, chemically inert, highly wear resistant, and exceptionally corrosion resistant.

McDanel Sialon Tubes are available in the following standard sizes:
v 12.5mm x 6.5mm
v 16mm x 9mm
v 22mm x 12mm
v 28mm x 16mm

Tube dimensions are available closed one end, open both ends, with flange, grooved, and threaded.

To receive pricing on these standard sizes or for dimensions required outside these standard sizes, please fill out contact and we will provide you with a quote specific to your needs.McDanel Sialon products include various tubes, shrouds, pins, rings, plates, and various components. We also have significant capabilities for producing custom engineered Sialon products. We are pleased to assist you in the material selection and design of your advanced ceramic component.