We offer MI cable with a Haynes™ Alloy HR160 outer sheath. This material is usually made in Type K or N, and has the dimensions below.

Diam. HR 160 Outer Sheath Inconel 600 Liner Tolerance Wire Diameter Insulation
2-wire 4-wire 2-wire 4-wire
3.2mm 0.45mm 0.20mm +/-0.05mm 0.48mm 0.40mm 0.30mm 0.28mm
4.8 mm 0.68mm 0.28mm +/-0.05mm 0.76mm 0.60mm 0.43mm 0.40mm
6.0mm 0.83mm 0.35mm +/-0.05mm 0.94mm 0.76mm 0.55mm 0.50mm
6.35mm 0.88mm 0.38mm +/-0.05mm 1.0mm 0.81mm 0.58mm 0.53mm
8.0mm 1.11mm 0.48mm +/-0.07mm 1.24mm 0.99mm 0.73mm 0.66mm
9.52mm 1.34mm 0.58mm +/-0.07mm 1.5mm 1.19mm 0.88mm 0.81mm
12.7mm 1.80mm 0.76mm +/-0.07mm 1.98mm 1.60mm 1.19mm 1.06mm