Senseris collaborates with a number of partners that have the same philosophy as we do.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Delivering the right product for the right application, on time, at the right price and provide appropriate advice where necessary.

Senseris relies on all its partners for technical support and advice in order to achieve a perfect result for all involved.

Senseris partners have all the necessary quality certificates and their products meet international norms / standards. These are available on request.

Czah-Pomiar Sp. z o.o.

Czah is a well-known and respected manufacturer of sensors for measuring temperature based on more than 50 years of tradition and experience.

One of the major advantages, amongst others, Czah has to offer, is their accredited temperature measurement laboratory based on ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. Together with the highly skilled and experienced staff, this allows Czah to fulfil second to none customer satisfaction.

The current Czah range of temperature sensors includes  thermocouples, resistance thermometers in different styles and varieties, temperature transmitters and matching components.

The modern manufacturing process guarantees  the production of top quality products. Thanks to European funds Czah has acquired state of the art equipment to be able to reproduce a constant level of quality. On top of this Czah is ISO 9001 certified.


Czah is a company with 57 years of experience in the temperature measurement.  The founding of the company dates back to 1954, when the branch Ironworks “Batory” in Chorzow was called Measurement Metallurgical Company “HPP”. In 1970 the company was transformed into the Central Automation Metallurgy Plants “CZAH.” The forerunner of the company Czah we know today.

After another change of ownership, that took place on the first of March 2000, the company CZAH-MEASUREMENT Sp. z o.o. was founded and to this day today has become a leading manufacturer in the Polish temperature measurement industry as well as major player in the European temperature measurement industry.


Founded in 1907, the F.P.L. Elettroceramica Industriale Srl (Fabbrica Porcellane Lungavilla) is a leading manufacturer of thermometric components necessary to produce complete temperature sensors like thermocouples and resistance thermometers for temperature measurement in industrial processes.

FPL specializes in aluminium connection heads (DIN B, DIN J, DIN A, BUZ, BUZH and explosionproof heads), ceramic terminal blocks and many other products according to customer specific requirements.

To meet market needs, offering competitive prices and specific cutting edge technology, the company is currently implementing a programme of investment aimed at modernizing the company structure and the system of production.

Their new slogan Quality – Service – Communication – Just-in-Time represent the hub around which they develop their manufacturing business:

Quality – High standers of quality guaranteed by ISO and ATEX certifications and constant modernization of machines and equipments.

Service – Optimized delivery times, customization or development of products “made-to-measure” according to specific requirements, a wide choice of standard products available in stock.

Communication – Multilingual Costumer Support to receive the specific request directly in your language, with maximum reliability and linguistic competence.

Just in time – Promptness in providing service and answers to the individual requests; Kanban logistics can be supplied on specific request.

McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies

Senseris is proud to be an agent for McDanel. McDanel Ceramics is the North American partner for NeoCeram pumps, valves and homogenization pistons manufactured in proprietary high grade ceramic oxides. All products are FDA and cGMP compliant.

Our products meet the demands of high-tech filling solutions for precision liquid filling. We specialize in dosing small and medium volumes of sterile liquids where precision cleanability and durability are important. Our products have a long life (up to 10 years in operation) and require minimum maintenance. Our pumps are seal-less, can run dry and are particularly suitable for CIP/SIP.

We are dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing high quality ceramics for precision liquid filling for four applications:

  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Industry