We are able to offer various kinds of PT100 temperature detector cables. Beneath you can find a overview of our products, feel free to contact us for  more information.

General specifications

  • Cables with 2,3 or 4 conductors.
  • Other number of conductors on request.
  • Color coding:
    2 conductors: Red/white
    3 conductors: Red/red/white
    4 conductors: Red/red/white/white
  • Standard color of silicone sheaths: Red
  • Standard color of FEP or PFA sheaths: Red
  • Standard color of outer fibreglass sheaths: White
  • Types of core: Red, tinned or nickel plated copper.
  • Outer diameters: Consult us.

Approval Standards
Cables and color coding as per standards IEC 751, DIN 43760.