Senseris is specialized in the delivery of deep drawing of metals and metal alloys.

We source this from one of the leading European manufacturers in this field, who has many years of experience with:

  • high tech machineries permitting to guarantee top quality;
  • painting and galvanization systems (gold, chromium and nickel plating,…) granting to supply the finished product in a short time;
  • versatile approach to the planning of every project thanks to an efficient staff of technicians disposing of up-to-date technological and computerized instruments, in order to meet any requirement according to the best standards of quality and profit;

Our main focus is on metal pressed and turned parts with or without surface finishing, annealing and polishing treatments.

We offer a endless range of technical articles in many fields as refrigeration, clothing, thermometry, car industry, furnishing and various details.

All moulds are made in-house, thus allowing a quick and high quality standard both at the productive level and the supply of prototype. Senseris also provides heat treatments, surface finishing as snagging polishing and galvanization and is therefore in the position to grant the production of high quality articles in a short lead time.

Technology, quality and versatility have always been our focus. Our manufacturer fully meets the requirements of our customers and leave no stone unturned to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.