When developing new products or finding a partner for the supply of special components, it is often difficult to find a source who meets your expectations.

A supplier for custom made products or components against a reasonable price is not easy to find, many manufacturers focus on large series and standard materials .
If the component you are looking for is not available off the shelf and you do not (yet) need large quantities, Senseris offers a solution.

In our partner network we have parties that are also committed to a (single) delivery of a small quantity.
They have good R & D departments, the right machinery and skilled workers who transform your design and requirements into a delivery.
If you don’t have the design yet, we can also be of support. Tell us what you need and for which purpose and we will find a design and solution together.

With attention, flexibility and expertise they offer customization for many questions.
Of course this also applies to large series, with the available machinerie we can offer any required quantity.

Feel free to contact us for more information.