In our mineral insulated thermocouple cable the thermoelectric voltages of the thermocouple are in accordance with the basic standard values within the usual tolerance range. For type K (NiCr-Ni) the basic values of the thermoelectric voltage are according to international standards. For both type J (Fe-CuNi) and type T (Cu-CuNi) these differ somewhat. These 2 types of thermocouples are available according to the German Standard Norm DIN 43710 and IEC 584.

The deviation of the thermocouple voltage is available according the following norm:

• DIN IEC 584-2
• ASTM E 230-93 / ANSI.MC.96.1

Other norms, e.g. GOST on request.

Type denotation of our MiiCa® m.i. cable
The type of denotation can be found in the document “MiiCa® article number denotation“.

Example: The type denotation ST060-K2-C-HP designates a cable coil with an outer diameter of 6.0 mm with 2 cores, inner conductors made of NiCr-Ni, insulation made of MgO (≥ 97%), the sheath material 304 (1.4301).

Should you need any further detailed specifications, please feel free to contact us. For all technical specifications, properties and sheath material selection we refer to the column (on the right hand side) with PDF download documents.