Ceramic RTD’s
Our standard* Platinum RTD Product Range is available in:
• Single or Duplex assembly
• IEC Classes: W0.6, W0.3, W0.15, W0.1, W0.06 and W0.03
• DIN Classes: Class C, B, A, 1/3 Din, 1/5 Din, 1/10 Din
• Lead length 6mm (+/-1mm)
• Temperature Range: -200°C to +660°C
• Pre-aged
• Standard Calibration Point: 5mm from ceramic body
• Calibrated to IEC specifications
• Manufactured and tested to IEC specifications
• All RTDs are partially supported by aluminum oxide glass
• All RTDs are supplied with 2 lead wires for single
and 4 lead wires for duplex to avoid resistance pollution
• All products are batch coded in order to ensure traceability
• Products are packaged to ensure safe and damage free delivery
* Customer specific assemblies and tolerances are available on request

Platinum Thin-film RTDs
Standard Types – Temperature Sensors
The Standard types with their various features are the most
frequently used versions, and can be obtained at short notice
and at reasonable prices.
We are able to offer also non-standard versions for special