For some applications you may need a heavy wall and Haynes Alloy HR160(TM) sheath MI cable. Let us know if you need less common designs, we offer many solutions for this. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Heavy Wall (when the normal material is just not enough)
Heavy Wall: the sheath material is thicker (~2X) than our standard material. This allows you to weld to the sheath material with less risk of burning through the side of the probe.

Dual Wall:  this design has 2 separate sheath materials. You can choose either the same material for both sheaths, or go with a composite design in some cases. For some alloys, this is the only option available. Exact dimensions for this design depend upon the sheath material desired.

Alternate Designs
Diam. HEAVY Wall EQUAL Wall
Wall 2-wire 4-wire Wall 2-wire 4-wire
12.7mm 3.0mm 1.75mm 1.40mm 2.03mm 2.03mm 1.87mm
9.50mm 2.28mm 1.32mm 1.04mm 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.42mm
8.0mm 1.9mm 1.09mm 0.86mm 1.27mm 1.27mm 1.16mm
6.35mm 1.5mm 0.88mm 0.71mm 1.0mm 1.0mm 0.94mm
4.8mm 1.14mm 0.66mm 0.53mm 0.76mm 0.76mm 0.71mm
3.2mm 0.76mm 0.43mm 0.35mm 0.50mm 0.50mm 0.48mm
2.36mm 0.58mm 0.33mm 0.25mm 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.33mm
1.6mm 0.38mm 0.22mm 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.22mm
1.0mm 0.15mm 0.15mm 0.15mm
0.8mm 0.12mm 0.12mm
0.5mm .003″ .003″